Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break New Mexico Style

For Spring Break, Jackson and I flew to New Mexico. Joe was not able to go with us this time. He had to work, boo. My mom, Michael, Paige, and I have been planning this "surprise" trip a few months ago. We knew that Jackson's spring break fell right around my Dad's 70th birthday, so we decided that we would all surprise him with a visit from his kids and grand-kiddo. Needless to say, he was VERY surprised! Jackson and I arrived on Monday, Michael and Paige arrived on Thursday, and we had a surprise dinner Saturday night. We enjoyed being there and spending some time together and celebrating my Dad. We really missed Joe though.

The day we arrived it was snowing and cold. Luckily it didn't last long and we enjoyed some beautiful weather while we were there. Which meant, lots of trips to the park. Jackson made many new friends and had a blast playing with them. He was a great little traveler and made sure to say Hi to everyone on the plane. He started many a conversation with the people in the aisle seats as we passed by on the way to our seats. He is too funny!

And now some pictures!

Way Behind...Again!

My goodness. I don't know why it is so hard for me to find time to blog these days. I am so far behind....again! I have a feeling these next few posts will be mostly pictures. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?! Lucky for me!!

We had a busy March. We kicked off the month celebrating Joe's birthday. No surprise party this year, but we had a nice family dinner and, of course, cake! Mere-Mere was back again for a nice visit. Jackson started his first season of T-Ball. I ran my first marathon, and survived! We went to a Globetrotters Game. Jackson ran his first race, a 1K. And Jackson and I flew to New Mexico for Spring Break to surprise my Dad for his 70th birthday. Through in a few games of mini-golf and a trip to Frying Pan Park. Phew! I am exhausted!!

Here are a few of the highlights in pictures!

Best part of making a cake...beaters!

Best family picture!

Making Apple Pie!

Playing marbles

Hooray! I won them all!

Jackson's new sleeping buddy, Tanga!

Ready to run!

Frying Pan Park hanging with Tristan

Saying goodbye to great friends....silliness!

Teeing off!

Jackson and Mommy, ready to run! Maybe someday we will run a marathon together!

Heading to the start!

Ready to run!

Coming to the finish!

Jackson and his good buddy Jamie!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Cotton Candy!

Globetrotters! Fun times!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Play Ball!

Many of you know how much Jackson LOVES to play baseball. When the weather is nice, we are always out in the driveway practicing. There is a permanent "chalk field" drawn on our driveway. He is pretty good at whacking that plastic ball down the driveway. And now he has his chance to play in the "big league"!! He started his first season of T-Ball yesterday. He practically ran to the elementary school for practice. He was giddy. I was a bit worried that he would not have the patience for all the "practice" things, stretching, setting up the field, warm-up drills, etc. But he did awesome! He was sad when the hour of practice was over. This t-ball is serious business. The coach said he would practice 7 days a week if he could.....uh, right! But he will settle for 2 days and games on the weekend. They should be pros by the end of the season!