Monday, December 29, 2008

At the Beach!

We are here enjoying the beach. Yesterday was beautiful and we enjoyed some time out on the beach and some fun in the sun. It wasn't quite as warm as the summer months (Ha!) but it was still a beautiful day! Joe, Jackson, and I went to check out Jockey's Ridge State Park. It was really amazing. I have never seen so much sand. Jackson had a blast climbing the sand dunes and running down. He did take one tumble, but jumped right back up! He wasn't so sure about the sand in his mouth.

Tomorrow is the Big Day!! Paige and Michael are getting married on the beach. It will be brisk, but should be a beautiful day! I am excited to be performing the ceremony. I hope I don't mess it up!

Here are some pictures from yesterday!

It was VERY windy!

I am hanging on!

Getting a ride!

Heading to the top!

It is kind of hard to walk on this stuff!

WOW! Sea grass!

Why am I still sitting here?

Look at that beautiful blue sky!


AuntieKat said...

wow! that sure is a lot of sand! The weather looks fantastic..sure beats the dreary weather up here in the Northeast. sniff sniff! I can't believe you are officiating your brother's wedding! How exciting! Congrats to Michael and Paige again! Welcome to the family Paige! Wish we could be down there for the festivities (and the great windy weather!) Kisses to Jackson! Miss and love you all! Wylie will be sending good things from "The Big Man" in the Heavens!