Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are off!

Just a quick post to say this is probably the last post for a week or so. We are off to see Joe's family in Massachusetts and Maine. I am not sure if I will get a chance (or have the means) to blog while gone. But don't you fret...we will take lots of pictures so I can blog my little heart out when we get back. Here are some pictures for the road...

I can sit down on my bottom on a seat all by myself now without holding on.
Like my new seat?

Please, no pictures.

Oh and hopefully the dead mouse smell will be gone when we return. Oh? Dead mouse? You say. Yes, we have been overrun with mice in the last few weeks. Turns out many of the other families in the neigborhood are also dealing with the furry pests, er, I mean friends. First, they took up residence in Joe's shed. When he found them it looked like a crime scene with half of them not making it out alive. After many hours of removing, cleaning, disinfecting, disinfecting, and replacing, the shed was spotless. For a day at least. The next day the furry little guys found the ant bait in the shed. Not the sharpest of rodents, but at least we weren't dealing with live furry guys. Over the last week we started to notice a funky smell downstairs. We thought it was the trash. Someone (not naming any names...okay fine, it was me!) put the turkey innards in the trash can. They were sealed in a ziploc bag, but we still thought that was the problem. But the smell got stronger and we finally found the offensive zone. The smell was coming from the vent behind the couch. Joe was the one that said it smelled like a rotting dead mouse. So off he went, under the house into the crawlspace. A place you couldn't pay me hundreds of pairs of shoes to go. There are scary nasty dead and decomposing things ( and many live scary things) down there. He found what we thought was the only victim and removed it. But 3 days later, the smell persists. It is not as bad, thank goodness. But still lingering. Every now and then I get a whiff and it makes my stomach churn. So let's hope that the smell is just taking a while to really get out of the "air" and will be gone when we return. Let's not even think about what happens if it gets worse....we might have to move when we get home!
Goodbye furry friends!


AuntieKat said...

Drive safe, can't wait to see you, and I am hoping that your furry friends have found a new place of residence by the time you return home! :-) Love you!

Scott said...

Mmm. Beer seat.