Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rough start

Well, we have had a rough start to a week. Actually, our "rough start" started last week. Jackson had a runny nose last week. Which turned into a runny nose, phlegmy cough, and vomiting. After coughing all weekend and vomiting multiple times a day, Joe and I decided a trip to the Dr was necessary. She thought he had something viral that was now in his chest. So she sent us home on antibiotics. He is still coughing and vomiting, and on top of that getting the last of his teeth. So that makes for some really serious blowout diapers. Our washer is going non-stop between the puking and pooping episodes. Poor little guy. I wake up every morning and think, "Surely today he will be better." But so far, he is about the same. And to top it all off, he now has a rash on his arms and trunk. I called the nurse and she thinks it isn't a reaction to the antibiotic, since he hasn't had enough in his system yet. So yet another thing to "watch". Lucky for Jackson, this sickness means his first real experience with popsicles!! Since he won't eat much else, he got a popsicle for lunch. He was so excited and had fun eating and sharing with mommy. And "kuh-ker"ing with it on his tray.

The bad thing about being sick this week is that Uncle Danny, Auntie Ali, and Cousin Tanner are here this week! So he hasn't been in his prime playing shape. Hopefully he will get to feeling better so we can head out to the beach a few days this week.

I haven't gotten any pictures of the boys together yet. But will soon enough. Please pray for Jackson to feel better and be able to keep something down so he doesn't get dehydrated or more sick.

First Lick

Not too sure about this...

But I will try again!

You try!

Coloring time!


AuntieKat said...

mmm. That popsicle sure looks good. I sure hope Jack feels better. I spoke with Auntie Ali, and she said that Cousin Tanner is having fun w/him, but you all want him to feel his best.. as do I! Here's hoping that popsicle is a overnight miracle! Kisses & Hugs from Auntie Kat & Uncle Chris xx oo

Grammy said...

Guess he really needs his Grammy & Grampy to help him get well! Keep an eye on that rash; it could be an indication of something else.
Another thing to give him is jello water. That will keep him from becoming de-hydrated.

Laurie said...

I sure am glad that you put a caption on that last photo so I could translate "kuh-ker-ing". That one had me stumped.

Is he feeling any better today?

Oh - and check your mommy books for Roseola....might explain all his symptoms.