Thursday, August 27, 2009

Earmuffs, Shoes, and Balls. Oh My!!

Has it been a week since I have posted? Where has this past week gone? The summer has flown by! I can't believe that school has already started. Well, for most kids. Jackson doesn't start for another 2 weeks. You can bet we will be hitting the beach and the Bell's pool a few more times before Fall hits. The last few mornings have been really cool and crisp (well, compared to the heat and humidity that we normally have!). Fall is on the way and I can't wait. I think know Fall is my favorite season. I love the harvest smells and flavors. Nothing like a good warm pumpkin muffin! Yummy! Now I am getting hungry. So I will change the subject...

What else has been going on here...well alot of the same ol' stuff. Nothing too new and exciting. Jackson has been working on perfecting his jumping skills, every waking minute. He has gotten really good and repeatedly tells us to "watch me, get my air". It is so cute! He is getting into role playing and imaginary play alot lately too. He is so creative! The other day he decided that he would fill his "new tent" bag up with all every single ball he owns. Which is about 233 balls to be exact. Joe helped him go around the room and round up all the balls. When he discovered that they wouldn't all fit in that bag, he confiscated a diaper box and began putting them in there. After he filled the diaper box until it was overflowing, he decided that all the balls must go into his "new tent". He must have spent hours (well, toddler hours) throwing the balls into the tent and then putting them back in the box. Three days later, that is still his favorite game! And today he decided that books needed to go in the tent too. Who knows what things will go in the tent next! Such an imagination!

Hopefully some exciting things will happen in the next few days so I can post about something new. Any requests? I have run out of things to comments!

Wearing Daddy's hearing protection at breakfast one day!

All dressed up and ready to go to Church!

The boy, the balls, and the box!

I just love this grin!

The tent and balls! I guess Milo wants to play too. Little does he know...


AuntieKat said...

I can't believe you fit Jack and all those balls in that diaper box. Hysterical. It's also a riot that you captured the photo of him in your sandals... good ammo for later years! hee hee.

I can't believe it's the end of summer either - we had a break in the heat and I actually had to pull the quilt up around my NECK last night!! crazy! usually it only gets as far as my ankles - my toes get cold!

Lisa said...

so cute! Love the picture of him in your shoes.