Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

I think a more appropriate title for this post should be "Things Jackson is OBSESSED With These Days!" The boy has become very aware of his surroundings and even knows where we are going when we turn a certain direction in the car. What a mind! So here are a few of his favorite things as a 22 month old! Yikes! Two more months until he is two!!! I am not ready for that. Then my baby will really by a boy. Sniff, sniff....

1. Truck-mounted Construction Cranes

I am not sure when he first saw these, but he now sees them EVERYDAY! There is a company called Gordan Sheet Metal in downtown E-City and they have at least two of these yellow "beauties". So anytime we get in the car to go anywhere, Jackson wants to "Go Downtown and see big cranes!" One Saturday we were heading to the Farmer's Market-also downtown and he knew that we were in the vicinity of where the cranes lived. So we had to take a small detour to see them. Unfortunately, since it was Saturday the door on the big "crane hanger" was closed, so we couldn't see them. After that visit, the "big crane seeping (sleeping)."

2. Climbing Wall

The Y has a really nice teen room complete with pool tables, Expresso bikes, Foosball tables, and a really big climbing wall. The ladies locker room is right across the hall also. A few weeks ago Jackson and I were heading to the locker room and he discovered the big climbing wall. Now we have to arrive at the gym early each day so he can spend about 15 minutes just standing there staring at that wall and repeating, " I see big climbing wall" over and over and over.... he also has discovered the pool tables and likes putting the balls in the "nets" on the corners.

3. Jumping
You may have heard me say that where Jackson excels in his language and verbal skills he lags behind a bit in the some of his gross motor skills. Case and point, jumping! I guess he has been focusing more on his talking than his running and jumping. Well, he recently discovered a love of jumping. And now he jumps all.the.time.!!! He jumps when he dances, he jumps in the bath tub, he jumps in the living room. I am pretty sure he jumps in his dreams too. He has finally started getting the hang of it and is able to get both feet off the ground at the same time (albeit not very far off the ground!). He is so proud of himself when he jumps. And it is so cute to watch his little body get into position and go for it! Someday he will be jumping for joy like the little kiddos in this picture!

4. Throwing Rocks

This obsession is not really new, but continues to grow stronger everyday. When we are out walking he will load his hands with rocks of all sizes. He can find the smallest, most miniscule little rock on the ground. And then hang on to it for the next thirty minutes. AND have to stop and pick it up if he drops it. I have become the holder of excess rocks many times. The other day I was doing laundry and wondered what the horrible racket was in the dryer. You guessed it....ROCKS!! I have found many pairs of shorts with the pockets loaded with a rock or two. Such a boy!

5. Shooting Hoops

The boy still loves to "Play ba-ball- hoop" all the time. He makes a beeline for the balls and hoop at the Y. He isn't really picky about the type of ball or way he uses it. He will kick it, throw it, roll it, or roll on it! I guess we have a lifetime of sports to look forward to.

6. Playing Golf

See above love of balls! The other day Jackson started throwing the football with a really silly stance. He took the ball in his hands and twisted his upper body really far to the left and launched the ball toward me. I thought he was "throwing" like the pitcher on the baseball game that was on the tv. A few days later he was still doing the same throwing stance but using his broom this time to hit the ball on the ground. He kept saying, "play goss ball" -translation-play golf! I guess we have had golf on alot lately too. So now he loves to grab his broom and hit his little orange basketballs with it. He gets such a kick out of it. Maybe he is the next Tiger?!!!

Ready to tee off!

"Putting" stance

7. Backyardigans

Every little kid needs some downtime, right? Jackson's favorite way to chill out is to watch The Backyardigans. Who wouldn't love to see what Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin are up to each day. It is amazing (and sometimes scary) how his attention is captured by the show. It is pretty cute though. Lots of singing and dancing. I find myself singing the songs throughout the day also! My days of listening to popular music are over for now!

Who knows what obsessions the next few months will bring! But we can be sure that whatever it is he will be very passionate about it!

And just because you all know how I am about taking pictures of Jackson, (maybe a little obsessed!) here are a few I took on Sunday. For some reason he didn't want his shorts put on, and he wanted to wear this particular pair of socks! Fashionista! Good bribery material for later in life too!

Having a mini-meltdown becuase I was too busy taking pictures
and wouldn't give him his milk!

Nice back view!

Notice the socks...from his Christmas outfit!

I apologize that your retinas are bleeding from this incredibly long post.


AuntieKat said...

I don't know about anyone else, but Auntie Kat enjoys the incredibly long posts and what Jackson is "into" these days. Since we are so far away, this is our update. How did anyone get by w/o the internet?!?!

Laurie said...

You are not officially the mother of boy until you end up with rocks in the dryer! I know ALL about that! ANd Jake's rock obsession hasn't ended yet.