Saturday, October 3, 2009

Museum and CG Fun!

This morning we went downtown to check out some of the events going on for the grand opening of the new Coast Guard Aviation exhibit at the Museum of the Albemarle. There was lots of stuff going on, inside and outside! First we headed upstairs to the exhibit. It was a nice tribute to CG aviation. Jackson especially loved the "working" H-60 and spent a lot of time saving and hoisting the bear into the helo. While Joe headed down to hear a presentation by Sergei Sikorsky and Stewart Graham, Jackson and I looked around the rest of the museum at all the other CG stuff. We also spent some time in the kids playroom, doing puppet shows, dressing up, playing with legos, and doing some cooking and shopping. After that Jackson and I went back outside to make our way across the street to the waterfront for the H-60 Search and Rescue demonstration. But we had to stop and talk to the CG firemen and check out the big fire truck! Jackson and his friend Cille got their own black fire hats and badges! They were so cute. We finally made it to the waterfront just in time to hear and see the H-60 coming our way. The SAR demo was great. They got VERY close to the shore/dock area. So close that we were all getting wet from the spray! What a fun morning!

Playing on the ducks!

Bear Rescue!!

Off to the life raft...
He might trip before he gets there!

Playing dress up in the "cowboy hat"

My little Fireman!

Jackson and Cille-wondering how they can
get in the water!

Here they come!

Daddy and Jackson!

SAR Demo!

T-minus one day until the Big Day!!


AuntieKat said...

Great pictures! It's so cool how you can put 4 photos in a row like you do..

I love the Teddy Bear rescue. Thank Goodness for Jackson and Daddy! That bear is sure happy they saved him, I bet! :-)

T minus one until Jackson is subjected to some very scary singing (mine)...