Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pun'kin Pickin' Time!

Hooray for Fall! Yesterday Jackson, Joe, and I went to Powell's Roadside Market 2nd Annual Pumpkin Festival to celebrate the season. The weather wasn't the best, but we had a blast anyway. Thank goodness the rain/drizzle held off while we were there. It was very cold and felt like Fall. Jackson had a great time. There was lots to do from a hayride around the farm, to pumpkin picking, to checking out the HUGE pig and goats, to playing in the corn maze. He even made a new friend who was more than happy to take him through the small maze tubes. You know Daddy and I weren't going in there! It was so fun to see him enjoy all the activities of the afternoon. He was so cute when we stopped to see the pig. Jackson kept calling, "Here piggy, piggy. Come out of the gate!" over and over again. And then he talked about the stinky pig after that. He did stink! The goats were a little shy and wouldn't get too close to us. But one did let Jackson pat him on the nose briefly. I wonder why they were so shy? Could it have been the small gloved person yelling "Goat, Goat" and waving his arm in front of them? Nah... He was so funny talking to the goats. His new friend Victoria was there with us also. She was clicking her tongue and calling them. Jackson would copy everything she did, trying his hardest to get those goats to come over to him. So silly! We picked our pumpkins, played in the maze some more, and took one last look at the tractor before we headed back to the car to warm up. What a fun afternoon!

Fun Hayride!

Here we go! Off on the hayride!

Daddy, Jackson, and the tractor

Hi Piggy Piggy!

Infamous Stinky Pig!

Mommy and Jackson on hayride.
Yes, that is a cemetary behind us-Powell Family Cemetary

Off to find the perfect pumpkin!

Found one!

No, this one is better!

Hi Goat!

Looking in the tube with his new friend Victoria

There he goes! Perfect size for him

So far away!

In the maze

Having a blast!

One last look. He looks so small!


AuntieKat said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I love great fall days like that. The piggy & goat were so cute. Did you end up w/the little pumpkin, or the one bigger than Jackson? Glad you had a great time, and thanks for sharing the pictures as usual.. We love'em!

Laurie said...

What great pictures! I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you!

Lisa said...

Looks like fun! And I can't believe you guys were so bundled up...gloves??? Where oh where is fall down here? Actually I shouldn't complain, we did have a really nice weekend and temps in the 70s today. But it sure would be nice to have to put on some gloves before December...or at all.