Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Yesterday morning we went to the YMCA for the annual Milk and Cookies with Santa. I have been talking Santa up BIG TIME this year. Last year Jackson did great sitting on his lap and smiling (even clapping!) for the picture. This year I was a little worried. He is going through a "shy" stage and he definitely has a stubborn streak in him! Wonder where he gets that...anyway. I was really hoping he would be fine and just walk right up to Santa. Uh, not so much. Jackson knew exactly what he was going to ask Santa for... a workbench! He has been saying that for weeks now when we ask him. We arrived at the Y and Jackson was very excited to go upstairs and see that SANTA was there! But, he wasn't too sure about sitting with him. He never did actually sit on his lap by himself, but at least he wasn't kicking and screaming when he got near Santa. At least that is something. We managed to get a few good pictures of Jackson and Santa also. And of course, as we were leaving he had a total melt down, crying that he wanted "to see Santa!". Oy! Maybe we will venture to the mall and try again one day. Or maybe we will just wait until next year....hmmm. I like that idea much better!

Off to make some Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is really cold and windy today. But nice and sunny. Too bad we didn't get any of that snow yesterday. It would have been fun. We have lots of fun activities coming up in the next few weeks so keep checking for more pictures! Happy Holidays!

More interested in the cookie!

Closer. But still not sitting in his lap. Or smiling!

Telling Santa that he has been a good boy!
Asking for a workbench!


Mama Lisa said...

Oh, it's just the age - my friends and I took Katie and about 4 of her friends when they were that old and all 5 of them started crying while waiting in line. Not one of them even went up to him when they had all been the year before and have been since (although this year she opted out again). Next year he'll be fine!

AuntieKat said...

A workbench for Christmas...that's cute. Such a boy! Doesn't Daddy have a workbench from when he was little that Buba made him? Where did that go? I think both he and Uncle Dan have one. That would be great to pass along..
And what did YOU ask Santa for Jen?...Since you were the one that actually sat on his lap? ha ha..