Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!!

It is hard to believe we were in sunny Florida a week ago when we woke up to 6 inches of snow this morning! The weatherman was actually right this time! It continued the blowing snow most of the morning until it turned into blowing sleet (the kind that hurts when it hits you in the face!) and now it sounds like blowing rain. :o( And tonight it is supposed to snow again so should make for some interesting roads tomorrow! Good thing we got out this morning and played for a long time. Jackson loved it! He had a hard time walking in it, but got the hang of it fast. He enjoyed helping Daddy shovel the driveway too. We even headed over to Ali and Alec's house to play for a bit. The Cumming's came down also. The kids had fun trying to knock the snowman down. The dads had fun trying to make arms for the snow blob. We can't wait until we have more snow like this when we move to DC this summer!

First thing this morning, before anyone was out!

Still snowing pretty hard

Trying to walk

Jackson and his "snowball"

So excited!

Helping Daddy clear the deck

Whoa! Big snow chunk!

Snow angels with Mommy

Being silly

Sweet snow boy!

Time to work! Shoveling the driveway!

They are never too young to help!

Shoveling the driveway with his hoe!

Scoop it up...

and throw it over!


Larry said...

Looks like Jackson got some good snow play time to prepare him for the ski trip in a couple of weeks.
He looks so cute in his snow suit.