Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jump, Jump!!

Our neighbors at the end of our driveway have a huge trampoline that we drive past everytime we come and go, and basically look at all day long. You can imagine how many times in the past month Jackson has asked us if he can go jump on the trampoline! Well, the other day we finally got a chance to meet the nice couple that lives there. The first thing Jackson said, after introducing himself was, "Can I jump on your trampoline?" Of course how could you say no to that?!! Enid and Brent have older kids that have moved out of the house, so the trampoline hasn't gotten much use lately...until now that is!! Jackson has been a jumping fool. He loves it. Unfortunately it has been so hot lately that I do not love that he loves it. It is miserable to stand out there and watch him jump forever. Oh well...it could be worse. Heat and humidity please go away!! Come on Fall. I am so ready for you and your fabulous smells and tastes.

Here is a very small video of Jackson doing his "Giddy Gat" Dance. Don't ask me what the Giddy Gat dance is, because I have no idea. He is quite creative these days with his words. Sorry it is so tiny. Not sure why that happened. I took the video on the regular camera. Maybe that is why. Because it couldn't be operator error....ahem....