Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Growin' Up!

Next Monday my little baby boy will be THREE years old! When I look back it seems like only yesterday that we were bringing home this little 5 pound cuddly baby. In the past few weeks Jackson has really changed so much. He is acting so much older now. From the conversations he has, to the ways he plays and interacts with others, to the place he sleeps. It is clear that my baby boy is long gone! It is sad in a way...but so exciting in others. He is my little buddy and I love spending the days with him. This weekend we are heading back to E City for a birthday party for Jackson and Cille. It should be lots of fun. Jackson can't wait to see his friends and hang out with them. Pictures to come!!

Reading with Daddy first night in Big Boy Bed!

So excited!



Kimberly said...

You're right! He has grown a lot in the last few weeks. His face looks so much more mature in that second picture!

AuntieKat said...

I love the new Big Boy Bed! He looks so proud to be in it. Love the last pic where he's sound asleep.