Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Party, Party, Party!!

Jackson and his good buddy Cille got to celebrate their birthdays together again this year. Last year they had a joint party and everyone had such a good time. So we decided to do it again this year. And what better excuse for us to head back to E-City and see all our friends. Joe was actually down in E-City all week working, so Jackson and I were going to head down Thursday to meet him and see everyone. But Tropical Storm Nicole had other plans for us. No worries. We headed down bright and early Friday and had no problems at all. There was a lot of water still around though.

Saturday was the party. The weather was beautiful!! Couldn't have asked for more perfect outdoor party weather. And luckily the ground dried up enough for the kiddos to play outside. We decided to have the party at the Coast Guard base. There is a huge covered pavillion and an awesome playground. But best of all...there was a field perfect for Pony rides!! The kids had a great time on the playground and with the ponies. Well, the girls did at least. The boys took one ride and were off to play again. So funny! I think the two birthday boys had a blast and will remember this party!

We headed back home Sunday morning after a fun filled weekend with old friends. It was sad to have to leave everyone again, but we know that we will see them soon.

Monday was Jackson's actual birthday. We didn't do a ton of crazy things. I decorated the house and we had a small family celebration complete with candles and ice cream cake. Jackson was blessed with so many presents that he is taking his time opening them. He opens a few each night, followed by cake again. And yes, we have blow out the candles also! So cute. I still can't believe that he is 3 now. But I wouldn't change it for the world! He will always be our little baby boy! We love you birthday boy!

First (of many) attempt at family shot!

That wasn't so bad!

Getting ready for their friends to arrive

Are you ready to party?


Jackson and Megan. So sweet. She always give the best hugs!

Jackson and Jake. Great friends!

The cake! It weighed a TON!

Two excited boys patiently waiting to blow the candles out.

Here it goes!

What's a party without green icing up your nose?

How's your piece Jackson?

Excited about his birthday decorations!

Loving all the peanuts that came with his gift from Michael and Paige!

Playing with his turbo car launcher

Helping Daddy set up the Tee Pee tent from Michael and Paige

Heading in!

Cake time! Again!

Blowing out the candles!

Ready to eat!



PAIGE said...

These photos are great! Thanks for keeping us updated

Michael and Paige