Monday, November 15, 2010

Veteran's Day in the City

The weather was so beautiful on Veteran's Day that we decided to head in to the city and walk around. Our ultimate goal was a good family photo in front of the White House. The weather was gorgeous and the city wasn't too crowded. We had a good time exploring. Jackson had a blast sharing his granola bar with some local animals. First it was just a few little birdies that were enjoying the treat. Then a big fat squirrel joined us too. When the pigeons started to arrive we knew it was time to move on. It was crazy how close they all got to us!

Jackson and Mommy

Little too sunny for this shot!

Did I mention how bright it was out there?

Here Birdie, birdie....

Getting closer...

Jackson was laughing so hard at the little birds.

Love it!

Here come the pigeons!!

More of Jackson's shots

Daddy's head got cut off

Self portrait