Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Lights!

Saturday we decided that we would start a new holiday tradition and checkout some of the amazing decorated houses around here. After dinner and a bath, we loaded a pajama wearing little guy into the car and we were off! There are tons of people who go all out! Many of them have the lights timed to music that you listen to on the radio. Some were a bit "too loud" for our taste, but most were really nice. The last one we saw was amazing! The "show" took place in the back yard. The front was decorated also-with lights and awesome icicles that looked almost real! There were tons of really tall trees in the back that were covered in lights. I wouldn't want to be the person in charge of making sure all those strands were working! It was a gorgeous sight to see. Maybe next year I can convince Joe to decorate like that at our house! Ha!

It was really hard to get good you have to use your imagination too!

Checking out the lights!

Winner of Tackiest House Award!
We aren't sure how the people got into or out of their house.
There were lights draped EVERYWHERE!!

This house must have had hundreds of light-up plastic decorations.
The kind my grandparents used to have....santa, candles with noel on them, Mickey and Minnie, Snoopy, Pooh, the list goes on...

The Pretty house!! I wish I had a gotten a really good picture...


AuntieKat said...

Man, that is one tacky house! Yikes!