Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas!!

On Friday night, our neighborhood had it's annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Claus arrived just in time to flip the switch and turn on the lights. It was a really cold night, but we enjoyed roasting marshmallows, some hot chocolate, and a fun carriage ride. I love that our neighborhood does so many things around all the holidays. And most are catered to the kiddos. Luckily we didn't have to wait in line too long for our turn to take a ride. It would have gotten pretty cold.

The next morning, Santa and Mrs. Claus came back to the neighborhood to have cookies and visit with all the kids. Jackson wanted no part in sitting on Santa's lap. Or even talking or looking at him for that matter. He did finally get close enough to Mrs. Claus to tell her that he wanted a hammer for Christmas. There may or may not have been a green icing cookie bribe involved....I really can't say...But nonetheless...we got the picture! There were crafts for the kids to do and lots and lots of cookies eat and hot chocolate to drink. Another fun time in Little Rocky Run!!

Hmmm, what will our next holiday adventure be? Stay tuned to find out!