Monday, May 16, 2011

Grammy and Grampy Come to Town!

We had a wonderful visit with Grammy and Grampy. The weather was beautiful all week so we spent lots of time playing outside and enjoying some other fun attractions in the area. We started the week visiting Frying Pan Park to see all the new Spring Babies. There were lots of little piglets, goats, lambs, chicks, and some calves. It was fun to see how many there were!

Our next big outing was to Union Station. Jackson has really become interested in trains lately. He notices train tracks everywhere we go. So we thought that a metro ride to Union Station to see the trains would be great. After a slow start and a looonngg wait for the metro to leave the station, we finally made it to Union Station. There was a really nice lady working there that was really taken by Jackson. She gave him all kinds of free stuff, including a Curious George book, a coloring book, and a conductors hat! Jackson had a great time on the metro and looking at all the "fast" trains. Thank goodness our ride home went much smoother and quicker!

Finally on the move!

Resting after a long day!

Lovely "smile" wearing his conductors hat.

We celebrated a few big days when Grammy and Grampy were here too. The day after Mother's Day was my Mom's birthday. Jackson was a bit disappointed that Grammy didn't want "chocolate cake with chocolate icing", but he was okay when he got to help blow out the candles.

After many fun filled days we were sad to have to say goodbye to Grammy and Grampy. But we know it won't be long until we see them again!! Thanks for a great visit.