Monday, October 24, 2011

Butler's Orchard Fall Festival!

A few weekends ago, we went to a fabulous Fall Festival at Butler's Orchard in Maryland. We met Janice, Anna, and the Powers Family there for the Fall Fun!! It was a huge festival with plenty to do. We ended up being there about 5 hours and still didn't get to do everything. Some of the highlights were the HUGE burlap sack slide, the corn and hay mazes, the "hayfight" in the barn (basically a barn full of hay in which the kids went wild throwing it everywhere and jumping in it!), the hayride to the pumpkin patch, and the many play structures. There was even a combine that the kids could climb in and slide out the back. A dream come true for my little boy!! It was a beautiful day to spend outside doing all the fun activities. We picked out a few good pumpkins and had some tasty food. Can't wait to go again next year!

Waiting with his buddies.

Bus full of cuties!

Climbing in the huge "spider web"

Hay Fight!

Ready to go in the corn maze!

Almost to middle!

Made it! Now to get back out!


I want this big one!

Helping Scott get all our pumpkins back to the hayride!

So silly!

Weeeee!! Until next year....


AuntieKat said...

Looks like lots of fun...and a beautiful day!!!