Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Much Has Happened!

My poor little neglected blog. I remember the days when I would update you daily. Oh how you suffer now. It has been way too long since I last posted. And it is almost too overwhelming to start to catch up now. The hundreds of pictures that have been snapped, the many fun trips that have been taken. I wish there was an App for automatic blog updates. Or one where I could just talk and it would just appear on the blog. Well, I don't think it exists, so I will slowly but surely update on my own.

In the beginning of October, we had a big celebration for a certain little boy turning 4! I can't believe it. Jackson wanted to have his party at the fire station. Perfect! Easy enough! We started the party at the Clifton Fire Station. All of the kids were very attentive as the Fire fighters gave us a great tour of the engines and all the other equipment. There is just something about Fire stations that gets every little guy and girl so excited! After our behind the scenes tour and playing, we headed a few blocks away to Clifton Park where the kiddos played and we had cake. Thankfully the rainy cold weather cleared out for the hour we were outside, and the sun even started to shine. It was the perfect way to celebrate Jackson's 4th birthday!!

Fire Truck Cake!

Pre-Party Meditation

Ready to Party!!

This wheel is 4 years tall!

Very Attentive bunch!

YEA!! Fire Trucks!

Cake time!



Hooray! I am 4!!!


AuntieKat said...

I have been checking...and checking and checking for a blog update~ yay! It's here! And then you were a crazy madwoman about it and posted SO much! whew! Thanks for all the great photos!