Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days Before Christmas

I have taken so many pictures in the past two weeks it is insane! So here some a huge picture dump!

We had a wonderful Christmas break. Mere-Mere arrived the week before Christmas to spend two weeks with us. And Joe was also able to get some time off. The past few weeks were jam packed with baking, shopping, decorating, eating, playing, partying, present opening, more eating, bowling, sight seeing, movie watching, and lots more! Whew, I am exhausted just thinking about it. It was really nice to have Joe's mom with us for the holidays this year. Joe and I were actually able to sneak out for a couple of dates. And, of course, Jackson had a blast with Mere-Mere. His favorite thing they did was "movie night" complete with a "feast".

Today, Mere-Mere had to fly home and Joe headed back to work for real. It was just Jackson and I again. Tomorrow Jackson heads back to school. How did the past two weeks go by so quickly? Too much fun.....

 Jackson's school play

 Making cookies for Santa!

 Peeling apples for apple pie....for Santa!

 Someone (hmmmm...wonder who!) arranged all the presents around the train track.
They were various stations and stops.

 Airport by the train tracks

 Christmas Eve

 Do you see a little someone in there?

Jackson's picture of his birds