Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to normal...thank goodness

Yay, the mustache is gone! I am so glad to see Joe's upper lip again and to not have to scratch my lip after kissing him (it was very itchy!). He did take home the award for "resembles a South American dictator" mustache. I am so proud. It sounds like they all had a great night. I am most excited about the fact that I will no longer see little whisker bits on the bathroom counter from the daily trimming of the 'stache. They just seem to really stand out against a white counter top. But that could just be me and my Type A personality when it comes to cleaning and bathrooms. No comments from the peanut gallery! Ahem!

I have been thinking about my flossing habits, or lack there of. The hygienist suggested keeping floss on the end table or near where I sit to watch TV and to floss while watching TV. Clearly she does not know me and my TV watching routine these days. First of all, if I do get a chance to watch something, I am usually doing 50 thousand other things at the same time. This is how it typically goes-pumping while reading a magazine, or cleaning the kitchen while watching/listening to TV, or updating the blog while half listening to the tv, or eating while the news is on. So- where does flossing fit into all that? I don't see it either. Although, if I floss while watching TV I probably won't have the urge to munch and snack on so much chocolate. Hmmm, there is a thought. Do you think I can pump, read a magazine, and floss at the same time? Now there is a picture. But I won't subject you all to that! So I don't really see my flossing while watching TV anytime in the near future. Do any of you have any other suggestions? One hygienist I saw said to floss in the shower. Once again-who has time?? I would have to cut out shaving and that is not a good idea. Besides I am one of those crazy people who HAS to shave every day, no matter what the season or weather or what I am doing. Even if I take two showers a day, I shave every time. I know I am weird. That is another dark secret of mine. I feeling very vulnerable these days!

I better go check on the little guy. He is back asleep for his third nap of the day. He has been a sleeping champ today. So far he has taken 2 naps of an hour and 15 minutes each and now he is asleep again. I just realized that he has been asleep for almost an hour and a half now! Poor kiddo must be tired.

Happy Friday!


Kimberly said...

Although I am a proponent of the flossing, I am so glad to hear that it will not work out while watching TV. That grosses me out! Bad idea! Also, I can't imagine flossing in the shower, but it probably wouldn't kill you to let a little hair grow either. Good grief, woman! You are making the rest of us look bad! Or maybe that's my hairy legs making me look bad. Either way, I'm off to floss my teeth, so there!

AuntieKat said...

I agree with Kimberly. Some things should just remain in the bathroom, and flossing is one of them. Next thing you know that hygenist will suggest you whip out that floss when company is over! Hey, why not have a flossing party for 'fun'. Ew. Hmm. Maybe I will go off to floss now, myself. .... in my bathroom...alone. :-)

AuntieKat said...

p.s. WHERE IS JACKSON on that baby contest site? I have been looking for him. I think he will be the cutest baby, from what I have seen! Love, Biased Auntie Kathleen (although it's true, he is TOO cute!)