Saturday, April 19, 2008

WARNING- Jumping may cause excessive drowsiness

Another beautiful Saturday. And lots of work to do outside! After we planted the hydrangea Joe and Jackson got me last week, we decided that we needed another one for the flowerbed to even things out. So last night we went to the nursery and found a nice one, unfortunately it isn't blooming quite yet so they won't be in bloom at the same time this year. But next year they should be. I also got some impatiens to put on the stairs. It was so nice out this morning that I was able to get out for a good run too. Then Joe and I got to work planting. Jackson took a short nap and then joined us on the porch in his exersaucer. I will take some pictures when the new plant starts to bloom.

Jackson is finally getting the hang of his jumperoo. He jumps more side to side though, or bounces from one foot to the other. But I think he will get it soon. I put him in it before his nap time this afternoon and he was having a blast. He loves to turn and look at his reflection in the fireplace. He would jump some and then stop and watch himself. So he wasn't making noise constantly. I was in the kitchen cutting up a yummy pineapple and checking on him every now and then. I hadn't heard anything from him for a few minutes so I stopped and went to check on him and this is what I found. He must have been tired!! Bless his little jumping heart!