Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JUST a cold and double ear infections!

My poor little guy is still sick. The snot flow has actually slowed down, thank goodness. But he is still sneezing and not feeling 100%. After he woke up from a short (30 minutes!) nap this afternoon, screaming, I decided to take him to the doctor to have his ears checked out. Good thing I took him. Turns out he has ear infections in both ears. Poor thing. No wonder he couldn't sleep. He was not happy about the doctor looking in his ears. I thought I had heard his loudest cry. Not so! Funny thing is that he was as happy as could be as soon as she finished and I picked him up. He was smiling at her the rest of the visit. So now we have 10 days of antibiotics to look forward to. As long as he is better before our beach vacation!

Here is a picture of his latest favorite sleeping position. Hopefully he will sleep soundly like this all night.


AuntieKat said...

Aww. Poor thing. I feel so bad for him. Although he looks conked out. I wish I could sleep like that right about now. Hmm. Here's an idea.. maybe if you could give him some Kashi he may get better immediately! It is the wonder food, after all! Mush it up, any of it.. all of it! Whatever! (then buy yourself a present from one of those sites for being such a good mom!) :-)

Troy & Sherry said...

hey friend- hope you are doing well - we sure do miss you guys! that little guy is so cute ! hope he is feeling better soon!

Kimberly said...

How's Jackson doing? Is he feeling better yet? I hope he didn't share his cold with you and Joe!