Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby in a Box!

Not much new and exciting to report this week. So I will just post some pictures and a video. Joe came downstairs the other morning with this....

Milo was very interested in what was in the box. Funny, the minute Jack got out, Milo jumped right in. Who needs expensive toys when we have boxes?!!

I can't believe that today is July 1st. Where did June go? Did it fly by for anyone else? Jackson will be 9 months old on Friday. I hear there are going to be a few hundred fireworks celebrations for him. He still loves to walk with our help and is getting some use out of his new truck. The last few days he has really started to pivot when he is on his belly and is pushing up more on his hands. Maybe he will crawl....someday.

Here is a video from bath time last night. He loves it when we blow on him or fan him with the towel when he is wet. He also loves his "refreshing final rinse" as Joe calls it. He is quite the little clapper now! And is very good at waving bye-bye.


Laurie said...

Oh...he is so stinkin' cute! ANd I never get tired of the funny videos or the silly pictures or a slobber-y hand on my shoulder. Jackson - thanks for being such a little ray of sunshine in my day! HUGS!