Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Work in Progress

I have been bitten by the digital scrap booking bug. I have spent way too much time the past few days playing with a new look on the blog. I have to tell you that it is very addicting! Thanks to my internet friend Katie for helping me with all the codes and ideas. I couldn't have done it without her! She has a great new look for her blog. It is so cute. Mine is still a work in progress so you might see many changes of the next few days and weeks. I never thought I was a "scrapbooker", but digital scrap booking is pretty fun.

Not much else new here. We are just trying to get settled back in to life at home after a week at the beach. I am sure Jackson is wondering where all the water and sand went. We will probably be heading to the beach at the Coast Guard Base lots during the summer.

The past few days have been exciting for Jackson. His second tooth is on the brink of breaking through. I guess that would explain all the snot and clinginess. He has discovered how to clap also! It is so cute to watch him look at his hands and then try to hit them together. His high-pitch squeal (another new thing!) usually goes along with the clapping. He has discovered his true love of standing and walking. That is all he wants to do now. He is getting better at balancing and is able to stand for a little all by himself. This morning he took two steps toward Joe all on his own. It might have been just forward momentum, but we will say he did it on his own! Not sure why I am in a hurry for him to get moving. The house is not ready at all for a mobile baby. Better get busy!

Here are a few other pictures from the beach and this week. He is such a ham!!