Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy All Around!

Crazy Mere-Mere, Crazy Cat, and Crazy Walker! We have taken lots of video lately, mostly of Jack-Jack walking. But we did manage to get some funny video of Mere-Mere singing and Milo jumping!

Mere-Mere has a song for everything. Joe caught her singing, "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain, yes she will". Not sure those are the right words, but it sure kept Jackson entertained.

Mere-Mere Singing

Once again, the engineering mind of Joe has been hard at work. Mere-Mere and Auntie Kat brought Sanibel the Monkey along on the roadtrip. Sanibel has been around quite sometime and needed a bath. So after his bath in the sink he stayed outside drying for a few days. It was quite the bath! He finally was dry enough to come back inside and Milo and Tanga weren't too sure about having him in their house. So Joe decided to attach some fishing line to Sanibel's arms so he could make him move. Then he called Milo into the room and....well, you can see for yourself what happened next! So sad, but funny! They are both still pretty leery of going around the monkey. So now he is guarding the back door to prevent jail breaks.

Milo and Sanibel

And last but not least, here is the long awaited video of the little guy walking on his own. It is right before bedtime so he is a little tired. He looks like a drunken sailor. In the beginning he had a hard time walking in a straight line, but keep watching because he finally gets it!

Jackson Walking

**Okay-wrong video. No you aren't insane. There is no straight walking. I will post the right one later....


AuntieKat said...

Perhaps you should get compile a "Mere-Mere's Greatest Hits" (Comin Round The Mountain, Who's That Baby?, Splish Splash I was Takin A Bath, etc) I am sure it will be something every mom will want to play over and over for their tots!
--and that Milo video is hysterical. Glad you cut the part about almost losing your bladder control Jen! ha ha