Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inchworm, Inchworm

Well, it has finally happened. Jackson finally figured out how to move on his own without our help standing up. No, he is not pulling up just yet. Although he is doing great with the walking. He has gotten very brave and will now walk all over the place-as long as someone stands him up. His favorite thing to do now is chase the cats. I think they are still confused about how he is actually getting closer to them. They are still able to out run him, for now! Today he figured out how to move around on his belly. I still don't know if he will ever crawl. But for now the inchworm technique is working just fine to get him from point A to point B when we aren't around. Here is some video from his first tries.

We also got some video of Jackson's first choreographed number. Mere-Mere was the choreographer and producer. He was a pretty quick study and as you can see he is quite the little actor!


AuntieKat said...

okay. I think I have stopped laughing. That was the funniest thing... and cutest. I can't believe Jackson waves at "I'll see you by and by" . Now... if Mere-Mere could only sing! (although I think Jackson appreciates her, so she is happy!!)