Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday again!

Hooray! We made it through another week. This one seemed to fly by. Although if you asked me on Monday it felt like it would last forever! Last night I got out for book club so that was a great break. We had a blast, laughing alot, eating, and not really talking about the book. The usual! Just what we all needed.

Jackson and I went to the beach at the base twice this week. Tuesday afternoon we met Laurie, Jake, and Megan there. It was a beautiful day and the beach was nice, minus the goose poop and "smell" that was in the air. I guess the person who is supposed to scoop the poop in the morning didn't do it that day. Thankfully Laurie had cleared the area of most of the debris. Jackson sat at the edge of the water in the surf and played with his toys and the sand. He was also entertained by Megan diving into the water over and over again. Jake and Megan both are like little fish. They are a good influence on Jackson. Thursday morning we met Joanne, Ali, Alec, Carrie, and Ava at the beach again. This time it was pretty windy and the water was choppy. The kids played on a blanket for awhile and then we ventured to the water. Jackson had a blast walking up and down the beach in the water that was waist high. He would just laugh when the waves would come crashing into him. He is a totally different kid at the beach now than he was in June. I think the swimming lessons have paid off for at least getting him familiar with the water.

In other news....he has finally gotten the hang of crawling! He is so happy now that he can get around on his own. His main objective-chasing the cats! He is getting faster at crawling, but his inchworm is still alot more efficient and gets him to his destination quicker. So he tends to revert to that at times. It is so funny to just watch him go from sitting to crawling and back. You wonder what is going on his little mind.

We are counting down the days until we head to New Mexico to see my parents. I have started my "lists" of what to pack for the trip. I am dreading the flight. But hopefully Jackson will do great.

Off to do some cleaning while he sleeps. Have a great weekend! Here are some pictures from the week.

Looking shaggy after my nap!

Playing peekaboo with Tanga (she is up the stairs!)

I learned to play the drum with the drum stick! (that is the blurry image in my hand!)

Working on some homework

On the move-backside shot. Love those baby feet!

Going for Mommy's weights.

Who Me? Coming at you!


AuntieKat said...

Ah! He's finally crawling! What fun he must be having! And what a crazy time for you, keeping a constant eye out for trouble. The poor cats too! ha ha. When are you going to NM? I miss my jet-set life! Chris and I are HOPING to check out Charlotte in the next couple months..give it a good week. Also, I added books to the Goodreads site. It's a pretty neat place..thanks! Have a great day! Miss you all!