Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just Boring Ol' Mommy...

So here we are...just Jackson and I....all day....all singing from Mere-Mere. No birdwatching while drinking coffee this morning. No more crazy curly hair to pull. Deborah left yesterday afternoon. It was time for her to head back home. But alas, we shall persevere and make the most of it. Joe is heading home from being gone all week. He should be home later tonight. Jackson is supposed to be sleeping right now, but I hear alot of pounding and banging from up there. Not sure what is going on, but he is not crying. So I will leave him there for some "quiet" time. Maybe he will fall back asleep. RIGHT!!

No big plans for the rest of the week. Maybe we will break out Jackson's little pool and have some water fun tomorrow.

Better go find out what is going on up there. Who knows what his crib will look like when I get there!

Mere-Mere and I in our matching Church dresses! No we didn't plan it!

Big boy in his jeans and shoes. Look at that tummy!

I will push anything anywhere!

Mommy wears silly glasses. She will do anything to get me to eat!

I found the tupperware!!


AuntieKat said...

Aww, quite house without all Mere-Mere's chattering and lilting voice/singing? LOL. Who can forget the "who's that baby", "splish-splash", "we'll be comin' round the mountain, yes we will!" montage? ha ha. Hope you are recovering, but it seems like it was a really nice visit. I can't believe how much Jack grew during that month!
Nice silly glasses, Jen, you should wear those in public. Sexy! Love, Kathleen
P.S. I like Jack's new jeans & shoes. BIG MAN!

Troy & Sherry said...

hey friend -
i wish you still lived here and we could hang out today ;)
question - how long did you swaddle jackson? we love our swaddler by the way :)
love you and miss you