Monday, September 22, 2008

Going through Withdrawals?

I know...I know...It has been a long time since I posted any pictures. Unfortunately I had too much other stuff to take to my parent's house so I didn't bother taking our camera. And we took so many pictures with my parent's camera that it is too big to email. So I will get them next week when my parents come here for their big birthday visit. For now, I will post some pictures from the last few days. Jackson is becoming quite the chatterbox and giggle box. Anytime he gets the smallest glimpse of cat fur he cracks up. He still loves to chase the cats around. And Milo seems to stick around more often now too. He must have missed Jackson. Joe made it home safely Friday night, and I think we all have finally gotten back into our normal routine. Minus one small child waking up EXTREMELY early (5 am is not a fun time to be awake for the day.) Let's hope he gets back on track with "sleeping in" soon. I am working on lots of transitions for Jackson in the coming weeks. Saturday we started the first one: switching to food for breakfast first, before his bottle. Let's just say that he didn't take right to it. But he isn't too terribly upset about it. Next up-changing from milk in a bottle to his sippy. Fun times! Alright. That is all from here. Here are the long awaited pics.

Are you out there Daddy?

Out of the way...I am trying to watch Einstein.

See my teeth?


Calling China?

Got Shoes?

Let's build Milo!

Good thing I perfected my squat and reach position.

Still trying to get the cat to get that toy!

Daddy put me in another box!

So funny!

Here Kitty Kitty...



Kimberly said...

Darn, Jen! What did you feed him on vacation?? He's so big now! I can't believe his birthday is right around the corner!