Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Little Patriot!

Another weekend over. Well, almost. Tomorrow is a holiday so Joe will be home again! Hooray! My parents left last Wednesday, and the remainder of our week consisted of wagon rides and getting back to the gym. Jackson LOVES his new wagon and would ride in it and pull it all day and night if we let him. It is parked in the garage for now-so it is the first thing you see when you open the back door or pull into the garage. And don't think that Jackson doesn't notice it! He points and tries to say "wagon" every time. I think Grammy and Grampy did a good job picking out that gift.

As you all may know, today is Football Sunday! So that means Patriots gear! Auntie Kat and Uncle Chris sent Jackson an adorable new Pats outfit for his birthday. We finally got out today in the beautiful weather to get some good pictures of him. We went to feed the ducks but there were not many to feed. And Jackson didn't seem that excited by them today. So we came home and played ball in the backyard and what else, went for a wagon ride!

We should have a slower week coming up. Jackson has his one year well check on Wednesday so his stats will be coming. I am guessing he weighs about 45 pounds-just kidding. Although he is feeling quite dense these days...

Here are some pictures from today. Have a good rest of the weekend!

Look at how long my mohawk is now!

So funny!

I lost my pants!

Gonna get you duck!

Where did they go?

I have the bread Daddy. Let's go!

Are you coming Mommy?

Everybody ready?

Sand box time out!

Here we go!

Kick off!

My ball again?

Touchdown! Spike it!

Don't I look so innocent?

Little boy in a big wagon!


AuntieKat said...

Thank you for sending pictures of your Patriots Sunday! What a beautiful day! Too bad Jackson wearing the outfit didn't help them win this time. Looks like you had a fun day outside... I can't believe how much he is changing every day! Give him a big kiss and hug from us!!