Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lessons from a 15 Month Old

Mommy decided to let me blog today. So I thought I would share some lessons I learned this week.

Lesson #1: Mommy loves it when I help her unload the dishwasher. And the best part is getting to climb into a clean dishwasher!

Lesson #2: Mommy isn't the only one who needs help throughout the day. Sometimes Daddy's boots are too heavy to carry both of them at the same time. So I decided to help him out one morning. They were pretty heavy!

Lesson #3: Observe, Observe, Observe. When an older friend (Ava Antaran) comes over to play, make sure you take good mental notes of all that she does. Especially when she teaches you how to jump on the couch. Then act all coy and like you don't want to snuggle with her. Works like a charm and gets you a kiss in the end every time!

Lesson #4: This one is great if you find you have some free time on your hands while your Mommy is drying her hair. Help her out by reorganizing her t-shirt drawer. She will love all the time and thought you put in to it! And if you have any spare time, make sure you empty the basket full of brushes, combs, and hair stuff. Even more fun!

Lesson #5: When Mommy and Daddy say it is time to go, run like the wind away from them. Oh and if you are lucky enough to have a great Mere-Mere like I do, you will have a great new flight jacket to wear when you are flying down the driveway. Do you think the other pilots will make fun of me in my fancy hat? I left my helmet in the car.

Lesson #6: Many toys have two-sided play areas. Most of the time the unadvertised area is the best part to play with. And unfortunately, sometimes there will be innocent bystanders (tigers) that get caught in the play zone. Don't worry, Tiger was a-ok.

And that my friends is what I have to share from my week. Hopefully I will have more lessons to give in the future! Have a good week!


Lisa said...

So cute!

AuntieKat said...

Very cute. Jack is sure full of mischeivous ideas! You better watch out for those "terrible two's"..they're right around the corner! Sure do miss you guys! xoxo AuntieKat

Manic Mommy said...

cute cute cute ;)

Laurie said...

All ery important things to learn as a 15 month old! What a riot!

AuntieKat said...

By the way.. I SWEAR my Mom has a picture of Joey sitting on the dishwasher when he was about Jackson's age! We'll have to try to find it. So cute!