Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Peekaboo! I can stand on my head!

I realized that I never let you all know how Jackson's 15 month well visit went. I know you have been anxiously waiting! He weighs 23 lbs, 13 oz, is 31 1/4 inches tall, and his head is...well, still big. I can't remember the exact numbers. He has gained two pounds and has grown two inches since his 12 month check. He is staying very consistent on his little curve on the growth chart. Dr. Coleman was pleased and said he looks great. I begged for her to "fix" my early riser problem and the answer she had for me was "Go to bed when he goes to bed!". One of her kids was an early riser too. She said, "Early risers are hard". Meaning, Sorry about your luck but that is just how he is going to be. Maybe someday he will sleep past 6! She did give us a few suggestions like slipping some new toys in his crib after he falls asleep at night so he will have something new to investigate and play with until we are ready to get him out of bed (at a reasonable time). But that doesn't really solve the problem of him getting the sleep he needs. She also said we can try giving him a sippy of milk when he wakes up and see if he will fall back asleep. Joe got a chance to try it out one morning this weekend when Jackson woke up at 4ish. He gave him a sippy of milk and put him back down. He fell back asleep for a few more hours. But we don't want him to get used to that milk and just start waking up that early for milk. I am not going to drag myself out of bed at that time every morning. So we will just keep trucking along and hope that he eventually will learn to sleep later.

I told you all that I had a wonderful weekend with my girls, but I didn't tell you that I came home to a spotless house and a very happy baby and husband. Minus some runny noses and sore throats. Joe and Jackson had a great time over the weekend and survived beautifully without Mommy. Good news for me! I might be able to go away again sometime soon. Now if we all can just get rid of these colds and coughs! Gotta love winter! I hear my little guy waking up now. Better get going!

Oh-here are some pictures from our playtime this afternoon. Jackson has been into climbing and exploring alot lately. This is the first time he has crawled under his table though. It was so funny!

AND- Happy belated birthday to Lisa's son Kyle (turned 3), Kimberly's son John Stephen (turned 2), and Laurie's daughter Megan (turns 4 today!). Happy Happy Birthday to you all! Wish we were there to help celebrate!

Ready for school!

Almost there!

I might be stuck!

Bumped my head!

Under again!

The end!


AuntieKat said...

So glad you had a great time on your weekend away. I am still jealous! I'm also very happy that the boys had fun together too (except for the colds). Poor Cousin Tanner is doing better but in the hospital w/a bout of nasty bronchitis. He's a trooper though, trying so hard to be in good spirits. You tell Jackson that sleeping in is a good thing! No need to be up with the buuurds! hee hee! Also tell him his AuntieKat & Uncle Chris send him big hugs and kisses!

Troy & Sherry said...

hey friend - i sure do miss ya -
how are you doing? what is new with you guys?