Thursday, January 15, 2009

Up Earlier than Early!

Just when I thought it wasn't possible for Jackson to wake up any earlier than his usual 5:30 raring to go time...That is what I get for thinking things were status quo. Never the case with a 15 month old. I was used to the 5:30 wake up. Even so used to it that I could usually snooze off and on for another 30 minutes before dragging myself out of bed to get our day started. But now things have changed. In a big way. WAY. TOO. BIG. For the past two mornings, I have heard the sweet sounds of "Ma-Ma" and "tat" coming from my child's room at 4:45 in the morning. That is right, AM!!! Isn't that still the middle of the night. And granted he is happy as a lark at that horrible hour of the morning, but still. Come on! Yesterday I thought to myself, surely he will fall back asleep and snooze a little more. Surely not! Today he chatted with his animals and who knows who else until I got him up at 6:01. Not a minute earlier. There is just something about getting out of bed when the clock still says 5:something. I refuse. I could tell he was starting to get a little mad and was ready to get up. I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas? I will try anything. I am scared to put him down earlier for fear that he will wake up at 3:something! And to try a later bedtime is just torture for me and him in the evening hours. He is clearly ready for bed between 7 and 7:30. Maybe he is just going through too many transitions the past few weeks. We dropped his paci's cold turkey the day we returned from the beach. That has been over two weeks now. And he doesn't seem to miss them at all. Never cried or really asked for them. On Sunday he missed his morning nap and took a great afternoon nap for three hours. We decided that he was ready to give up that morning nap for good. So all week he has been doing great with one nap a day. But maybe that is the problem! Who knows!! HELP!!!

What I DO know is that I am so ready for the weekend! I am going away and leaving Jackson and Joe alone for the first time!! I am heading to Williamsburg with three other friends of mine to celebrate one of my friend's 40th Birthday! We are going to have a weekend filled with shopping, spa going, and sleeping in!! Past 4:45! Wish Joe luck!

Here is the little guy playing with Daddy's gloves! Such a ham!


AuntieKat said...

445?! Yikes. What is wrong with that boy? And how can he possibly be happy? I certainly wouldn't be! I must say, at least he is content, not crying, and will happily lay there speaking to whoever for an hour! Lucky you and Joe! He is such a little gem! Have a great time this weekend on your girls weekend (I am jealous!) and I hope Joe and Jackson enjoy their "man time" together! :-) love you all! (ps - love the glove pictures!)

Lisa said...

I hope you are having a great trip to Williamsburg...and that Jackson is starting to reset his clock.

Also wanted to let you know that you've been tagged. Go over to my site and check it out. Then let me know when you do your post. Gotcha!

AuntieKat said...

make sure you get your free makeup! at macys or several other stores! free is good!