Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 16 Months!

Really, 16 months? The time is going faster each month. Jackson is growing and changing so fast it is unbelievable. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. His favorite words this week are "up-shairs (upstairs)", "out-ish (outside)", "Mi-Mo (Milo)", "beed (bed)", "eight", and of course his all time favorites remain the same--"duck", "tat", and "shoes". He will repeat anything you ask him to say now too. Which is good and bad! Now we have to be careful what we listen to on the radio and watch on tv. The other day we were driving to the gym and I was asking him about animals. I asked him to say "alligator" and he repeated something that sounded very much like alligator. I think it was "aldedator". Then I asked him to say "See ya later alligator". To which he replied, "Dye!" (That is how he says bye). He gets more than I think! So funny!

He is getting really good at his shapes too. He has a book about shapes that he loves to read each night. Joe probably knows the thing by memory by now. Jackson LOVES that book. This morning as we were leaving the neigborhood he pointed to the stop sign and said "ot-ta-don"-Jackson speak for "octagon". I almost drove off the road. His mind is like a sponge right now!

He has really started to like love climbing on anything and everything. Luckily he is still too short to get on the couch or chair by himself. But that doesn't stop him from beating on the cushions and screaming like someone is pulling out his toenails.

That is about all that is going on here for now. Today Jackson and Milo were at it again with a box. It was pretty funny. Jackson was pushing Milo around the room. Then Milo had enough and got out of the box. So Jackson got his tiger and put it in the box and started pushing him around. Funny!

Getting in...not too sure about this...


Peeking through

Now the real fun begins!

Want a ride Kitty?


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.... Can you guess what he is going for?

Got it!

Milo decided he finally had enough. In goes Tiger

And around and around!

Climbing in action!


AuntieKat said...

Those pictures are just silly. He is having so much fun with Mi-Mo! I miss you guys!! -- PS did you get our silly card?

Jen said...

Loved the card!! In fact, Jackson loves to look at it and hold it while he is eating. For some reason he keeps saying "tat, tat" when he asks for it. Silly! And I loved the buuurrrd and the cat pictures. So cute! Hope all is well there! See you soon?