Saturday, February 28, 2009

A series of unfortunate events....

Lately, Jackson has really been into emptying out his big basket of toys. The other night he did his usual emptying and then started carrying the "hea-hee" basket around. Somehow, he managed to get inside it also, and, as you will see, it didn't turn out so good! But he kept getting back in! And he even managed to get into a tiny Rubbermaid bin too (with some help from Mommy). He didn't enjoy being in a small plastic container as much as the basket though!

Getting into position...

Starting to fall back...



I don't know about this!

Get me out...NOW!


Tim said...

That is too funny. Kids will try something over and over trying to make it work.

He is just sooooo darn cute!

Love and Prayers,