Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almost outta here!

This week is flying by. Joe's mom arrived on Saturday and has been here all week, playing with Jackson and cleaning the house like a mad woman! Thank goodness for Mere-Mere! Joe's birthday was on Sunday, and despite the dreary cold day, I think he had a great birthday. He had a carrot cake complete with many candles. Jackson He also received many singing cards. They seem to be a huge hit these days in our house. Someone likes to open and close them over and over and dance away! Silly little someone...

Jackson turned 17 months this week and is changing like crazy!! He has really started to put two words together when talking. His favorite phrases are "Oh wow!", " Oh man", " Up please", and "I see you!". He will pretty much attempt to say whatever you ask him to and even things you don't ask him too-or don't really want him repeating. Like "Oh shoot". He has gotten much better as "coloring" and would spend all day doing it. Unfortunately he loves to color on the coffee table too. So next on our list of things to purchase for him is a little table and chairs. Color away little man! He knows most of his colors and can pick them out if you ask him. And he still loves those shapes! He can pick out a STOP sign from a mile away. The other afternoon, Mere-Mere and I were doing a Denise Austin Buns of Steele video (no laughing!) and Jackson was in the room too. We were doing lots of lunges and kicks and stuff. We didn't really think he was watching that much. But later that evening he started high kicking and standing on one foot. And doing his squats too. I tried to get it on video but he would stop. I did get some pictures last night of him doing the splits. He loves to do them.

That is about all that is happening now. Not sure if I will have time to post again before we leave or while we are gone. But I will try. So enjoy these pictures for the next few days...

Getting ready to sing!

Helping Daddy blow out the candles!

Look at the smoke!


Yummy icing!

Happy Birthday DADDY!

Birthday kisses!

Mid splits....

Dancing, spinning, and kicking like a mad man before bath time!


AuntieKat said...

I am so happy you had a great birthday Joey! -And with all those candles, you sure needed the help of Jackson! hee hee. What cute pictures.

Ms Buns of Steele, you and your workout companion better watch out. It looks like Jackson learned some fancy moves that might just put Denise Austin to shame.. Hmm..Maybe she can put him in her next video....

Tim said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a great one!

Love and Prayers,