Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fashion sense and Friday Night Fun!

My child's fashion sense= ZERO! See for yourself! Must not take after me! Or maybe he does....

Here are some pictures from a wild and crazy Friday Night at our house! And this was when he wasn't feeling well. The boy never stops! No wonder I have to go to bed so early. No comments!

Tickling Daddy!

Silly Daddy!

Doggie Hat!

Headstand with Doggie!

Playing on the floor. He was putting his cars in the barn!

Loading his animals...

in a plastic bag!

Doesn't everyone keep their animals in plastic bags?

Not anymore!


AuntieKat said...

Thanks for the amusement. Please tell Jackson the animals do not belong in plastic. ha ha.
Also, LOVE the pants hiked up to almost the armpits. The "chicks" are sure going to dig that in later years... hee hee!