Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jackson: 0 Squirt Bottle:1

After dinner last night, Jackson wanted to play with the squirt bottle. He is very familiar with the squirt bottle, as it gets used a lot around here, mostly on Milo. As you can see, Jackson has figured out how to properly use it also. I will let him show you the rest....

Sorry about the poor video quality in the beginning. Just keep watching!

Three more days until race day! I guess I am as ready as I will be. I just wish I was a little more prepared about all the pre-race stuff-where to park, where to go, what the weather will be like. All the little details. I know it will all work out. Just pre-race jitters already!


Tim said...

That was too funny! More video of this cutie!

Love and Prayers,


AuntieKat said...

That was really funny. He had a great time with that, didn't he. You must've had a hard time not distracting him by cracking up!

Good luck with the race! We're rooting for you up here! WIN! WIN! WIN! GO JEN GO! RAH! RAH! Can you see the pom poms?

Grammy said...

That video is a riot! It is funny that he would squirt the water in his face with that bottle but objects when he gets his hair washed.

You will do great in the race! And we will be there to cheer you on to victory!