Friday, April 3, 2009

Barking Seal with a new 'do!

My poor little guy has croup and bronchiolitis! Funny thing is he is not acting sick at all. He is just as happy as can be. Now, last night is a different story. He woke up at 10 and was having a really hard time breathing. I took him in the bathroom and let the shower run really hot for awhile. Then I took him outside. He was much better after that, still coughing and wheezing though. He woke up this morning and was still not sounding great, but was acting fine. I decided to go ahead and take him in to the dr anyway since today is Friday. Turns out he does have croup and bronchiolitis. They gave him some dexamethasone by mouth, which he proceeded to "give right back". So he got two shots of it instead. I should have just told them to do that the first time. But I felt so bad for him already. He is sounding better already. Still coughing some, but not sounding as junky when he breathes. Thank goodness!

Yesterday afternoon I took him to get his haircut also. He was looking pretty shaggy. Well, before I could set my stuff down and turn around, Jane had the clippers out and had him practically scalped! I guess this is his warmer weather cut! It actually looks really cute. He looks so much different though I think. More grown up. Afterall, he will be 18 months old tomorrow! Eek!

Coloring at his new table.

Budding Picasso!

Playing cool with his new cut!

Does this look like the face of a sick little boy?

Why can't my eyelashes be that long?

Being silly!

Last year at the Dining In. Jackson was 6 months old.

This year's Dining In. So different!!
(And thank goodness no silly mustache for Joe)


Laurie said...

First of all - your eyelashes ARE that long!

I love the new haircut - he looks like such a big boy.

Glad he is doing better. See you soon.

AuntieKat said...

What a difference a year makes! I am glad Joe decided to forego the "sexy" 'stache this year. Although I am sure you were secretly disappointed. LOL. Hope Jackson is feeling better - today is his 18 mo bday! I can't believe it! He's getting so big, so fast! Send me a picture, and something he's colored at that table! I will put it on our fridge :-)