Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Class is in session

You all know that Jackson LOVES his new table. He will sit for hours (well, a toddler version of "hours") on end and "cuh-ker" and play with "shi-shers". Someone else in our family has taken quite a liking to the table too. See for yourself. I wonder what activities he will do at the table...eat plastic, chew on crayons, stare out the window and chatter at birds...

Everyone take their seats

Hmm, Whatcha doing over there?

Star students

Someone's mind is wandering!


AuntieKat said...

They look so cute sitting together at that table. You must crack up every time you see it. Jackson must enjoy Milo's company, since the cats are the only ones in the house that can really fit in those little chairs comfortably besides him! Thanks for sharing!!

Grammy said...

Why is it that Milo gets along so well with Jackson but really does not care for adults except Jennifer? It is amazing how much time that cat spends with Jackson.