Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Jackson's first real experience with Easter was great! Too bad Mommy and Daddy forgot the camera for his first official Easter Egg Hunt. I took some pictures with my phone, but can't figure out how to get them off. So if anyone has any tips, please let me know! On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Jackson's friend Asher's house. The weather was not the best for hunting eggs, but the kids had a great time anyway. Earlier that morning I gave Jackson his basket and "hid" some eggs in the living room. He didn't really care about finding the eggs, but loved his basket and the grass. He ended up playing with it all morning long and finally figured out the eggs. By the time we headed to Asher's house, he knew "eggs"actly what to do. It was so cute to see him running through the grass to get egg after egg. They were filled with lots of cute toys and stickers also. Thankfully not a ton of chocolate. But at least there was a little for Mommy and Daddy. What a great Easter Bunny! Here are some pictures from the weekend. We didnt' even get a great family shot. Not sure what our problem was!

What is this thing?

Fill it up...

and dump it out! Over and over...

Easter Day

Silly Boy!


Laurie said...

send the photos from your phone to your e-mail (a PIX message) and then you can save it from e-mail. At least that's how I do it.

Very cute egg hunting pictures!


AuntieKat said...

Looks like he had a fun time (and his Easter outfit was very handsome!). I can't believe you forgot to take pictures of all of you! Oh well! I didn't take ANY pictures, so who am I to judge? :-)

Grammy said...

Guess Jackson will have to spend his next big holiday with his grandparents - they can remember to take pictures. He does look really cute in his Easter clothers; so grown up now. I did not think it would take him very long to figure out the process of hunting the eggs. Send some pictures when you can.