Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uno, Dos, Cuatro?

Not much new going on here..yet. My parents are (hopefully) arriving tonight for a week. I say hopefully because my mom woke up this morning with flu like symptoms, so they aren't sure she is up for the journey. I know I wouldn't be. BUT she has some major motivation behind feeling better quickly and getting here on that plane. I am sure you all know what that motivation is. I hope she feels better too. There is nothing like flying when you are sick.

Shortly after I put him down for his nap today, I heard him in his room "practicing" his counting in Spanish. He has mastered counting to 10 in English and has now moved on to Spanish. I should have recorded it so you all can hear his sweet little voice saying, "u-no, dos, ta-tro, see-so". And the way he says it is so cute. He is changing so much everyday. He will repeat anything you say to him. Just like a little parrot. So be careful what you say! We were curious as to how many words he had in his ever-expanding vocabulary, so we decided to keep track with a list. After two days and over 160 words!!! we decided to stop. He has also really started to put two or more words together just in the past few weeks. And his new favorite activity is climbing! On any and everything he can. His legs are just long enough now that he can get up on the couch. Which is good in one way-now he won't have to stand there and say "couch, couch, couch, couch" over and over again. But bad in that now he can get up there and he loves to stand and look over the back of the couch and perch himself on the edge. On of these days he is going to go flying over the edge and land on his head. I guess it will be the last time he does it though! He still loves to play with any and all types of balls-and his "hoop" is his favorite toy. Although yesterday he played with his cars for about 30 minutes. Uninterrupted. Unheard of!! Such a boy!

Better get crackin' and finish preparing for my parents arrival. More later! Here are some pictures of the crazy boy!

He is obsessed with wearing a coat lately. Not sure why.
Here he is right before bed one night. Watching the news with Daddy!

Cleaning contraption!

Let the climbing begin!

New use for a chair

Climb in, climb out. Repeat. Over and over and over

Getting ready to do some abs exercises with my ball and my doggie mat

Ready, set


Now for my downward dog position. Feel the stretch!

Sweet smile!


Laurie said...

Love the downward faing dog picture. Hilarious!

And you do realize that he skips 3 in Spanish, right?

Jen said...

yea, funny. He skipped three when he was learning to count in "english" too. Must be something about three....hmmm

Anonymous said...

I think he's been observing his mommy doing yoga in the living room and wants to be the yoga master too; however he wants to put his own spin on the routine by counting in espanol:)I hope your mother feels better and you have a great week together. Nothing like having extra mommies around:)Ali and Tanner

Lisa said...

I am amazed at how much he has grown in the past few months. I was looking back over your blog and he has just lost that baby look in the past few months. He's so cute.

Hope your mom is feeling better!

AuntieKat said...

"Eh, is three really THAT important?" Is what he is thinking. ha ha. How cute. I love the yoga too. It's SO easy when you are young...I bet he doesn't even realize it's exercise (which should be a four letter word, by the way!).
Hope your parents were able to make it for a visit (a healthy visit!) & you have fun! Love Auntie Kat
p.s. See if Jack can say "45" because that is what Uncle Chris will be on Saturday. YIKES! now THAT is a number to avoid! hee hee

Amy Bailey said...

He is so cute! You have the best stories on your blog! I just started one so check it out!