Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breaking Catching up is hard to do-oooo....

I know, I know. You are all on pins and needles wondering where and what we have been up to. Did Grammy and Grampy make it to town? Did Jackson ever fully recover from that itsy bitsy tiny "bump" to his head? Did Joe and Jen make it away for some adult time? What is going on in the backyard right now? Well, pull up a chair and get ready to hear it all!

Yes, Grammy and Grampy made it to town. Hooray!! My mom started feeling better that afternoon and they rushed to the airport and made here on time. She felt fine after that so must have been some small bug or something she ate. Who knows?! But she is doing fine now. Well, just a little sleep deprived. But her stomach is a-okay! It is so nice to have my parents here because they are so good at keeping Jackson entertained. As most grandparents are, I think. Jackson is all about "Bimpy" and "Ge-ge" lately. I have been able to catch up on all my very important appointments (i.e. haircut!) and head to the gym sans little guy. I know he misses playing with his buddies there though. The three amigos have been very busy the past few days with many trips to feed the ducks, a visit to the Fire station, and even the weekly trip to the dump. I know-gotta love it! Joe and I snuck away to Charlottesville, VA for the weekend too. It was such a nice trip. And such a beautiful area. On Saturday, we visited a few wineries in the area and enjoyed the amazing blueridge mountains and all the fine wine they have to offer. On Sunday we decided to get in touch with our historical side and took a tour of Jefferson's beloved home, Monticello. It was very interesting. And surprisingly quite small for what I had expected. But he sure had a prime location in the hills. We had a quiet day yesterday for Memorial Day and just hung out at home. Oh, after a visit to feed the ducks in the morning. The ducks have to eat too don't they? We did break out Jackson's pool for a little afternoon swim too. It took a little coaxing, but he finally got to play with the ball.

Sadly, Grammy and Grampy are heading home tomorrow. And we have to get busy and get ready for our beach trip. I can't believe we will be burning basking in the North Carolina sun in less than two weeks. We can't wait. Let's hope that Jackson's love of all things beachy decides to take the trip with us also!

Here are a ton of pictures from the last week. Maybe one of these days I will have something new and exciting to blog about. Not just the boring ol' everday life we lead! Oh- Jackson's noggin is just fine. Never slowed him down. Backyard report-something is growing. Joe is tracking the progress with pictures to do a "time lapsed" study. Don't ask. Maybe that will be my next exciting post!

Still loving those chairs and building forts!

One of the beautiful wineries

Getting a kiss from one of the polo horses at the Veritas Vineyard

Posing at Monticello

Ready to go!

Look out Duckies! Here I come!

Uh-oh! Here they come!!

We are surrounded!

Mama and her fuzzy little babies!

Aren't they adorable?! There were 11 of them!

Off to catch one!

The chase begins...

Still trying...

Maybe I will just walk with them.

Finally tired of chasing and decided to squat and wave instead.

They eat right out of your hand!

I don't know Daddy... it is kinda cold...

Maybe I will try it.

It is really hard work rearranging all my animals into one BIG pile!
I am beat!


Lisa said...

So glad to see another post! Looks like your trip was fun. For some reason I feel like we went to Monticello in 9th grade, but maybe that was in college. Do you remember?

Waiting on pins and needles to find out what is growing in the backyard...

Jen said...

I thought we went there also. But was it MT. Vernon? Monticello wasn't familiar to me. But who knows?!! You know my memory!!

I think it is soybeans. Nothing exciting!

AuntieKat said...

What great pictures! I loved the ducks, and am jealous you went to beautiful wineries. Monticello looked lovely and interesting too. You two pick the best places to go! Enjoy your beach trip, wish we could meet up with you, but are off on our visit with Dad and "inspection" of Charlotte bright and early Saturday morning. Road trips are so exciting! (actually we are looking forward to it!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
I've been to Monticello too when I went to Lynchburg College; from what I remember it's pretty close. I never went to the Vineyard, damn what was wrong with me back then. It's probably because I use to think Boones was fine wine. Anyway where was the vineyard? Glad you guys had a great time!Gotta love the vino:)