Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Wheels!

Summer time is here and that means playing outside!! That also means we need more outdoor toys. Although Jackson would be perfectly happy digging in the ditches and throwing things in the "holes" (aka drain pipe under the driveway) all day long. His favorite thing to do is pick the flowers and throw them into the hole. Silly boy. I have to watch him like a hawk or he will pick my real flowers, not just the wild ones growing in the yard. I have been searching for used toys for outside since I feel like they are way more expensive than they are worth. But I hadn't had much luck finding anything yet. A few weeks ago Target had the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe for sale at a major discount so we caved and got one for Jackson. He LOVES it! now his favorite thing to do is "drive car". That thing has thousands of miles on it already! Maybe that will tide him over for awhile. We shall see...

I have been telling Joe that we needed to get a tent or some sort of play thing for him inside. He is really into crawling under his highchair, or under the table, or even under us! So last night Joe got out a big blanket and made a makeshift "tent" for Jackson (and Daddy!) to play in. It was so funny. I wish I had taken some video too, but I was too busy snapping pictures to do that. Now we really need to get a tent or something like that. The army blanket Joe was using was a little warm. Not summer weight!

We are gearing up for our summer vacation at the beach. We leave this Sunday and will be there for a week. Can't wait! I hope the weather is a little cooler than last year at this time. It will be fun no matter what. I better get busy and get organized and start packing!

"Drive Car!"

Need a lift?

Places to go and people to see!

First of many failed attempts at a good picture of the Three Amigos!

Getting closer to a good one...

Giving Grammy some goodbye hugs and love!

Getting Daddy!! He is "hi-hee"

Heading under!


Back in for more!

It is hot in here!

Sweet baby big boy feet!

Having a blast!!


Lisa said...

How fun! You are right - he's at the perfect age for one of those little pop up tents. If I were done with mine, I'd send it your way, but Kyle would have a fit! I highly suggest the kind that just pop into place rather than the ones you have to assemble with the plastic tubes - those tend to get broken more easily.
Enjoy the beach! We have 6 more weeks until we head to Destin. I can't wait...