Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the Real World!

Yep, we are back home. We are just taking it easy today trying to get back into the swing of things with life as usual at our house. We had a fabulous sun filled week at the beach. Thank goodness the weather was much cooler this year. And there were no smokey days or biting flies! And only two days that it rained late in the day. It took a few days for Jackson to get used to the beach, but I am blaming that on teething and the 102 temperature he had. He finally warmed up to the sand and even fell in love with the wading pool in the community. I have tons of pictures to download but I won't bore you with them all.

Day 1: Morning at the beach. Afternoon hanging out in the neighborhood. We had a house on a very quiet cul-de-sac so the kids had lots of room to roam.

And they are off!

Taking time to smell the flowers.
There were gorgeous hydrangeas every where in our neighborhood.

Jackson and Alec running like crazy!

Still running... in circles!

Heading back to get the wagons for a ride!

I love my little man!

Here we go!

Ali wanted to pull Alec the whole time!

Jackson wanted to push Ali. The wind in their hair cracks me up!

Still pushing...

Alec's turn to pull.

Day 2: Jackson was having a VERY hard day. He had a high fever the night before and was just beat. So we (Jackson and I) headed back to E City to see our friend Janice and finally meet her daughter Anna. It was a fun few hours spent at Laurie's house. It was so good to see her again.

All the kiddos: Jackson, Piper, Megan, and Anna

The Ladies!

Day 3: Back to the beach. We had a great morning with lots of playing in the sand and water. After everyone had a great nap, we headed to a local park to wear the kiddos out some more.

Going down the big (and steep) slide at the park!

Ava's turn!

The Twins' turn!

Practicing his rock climbing. Must take after his Uncle Michael!

Almost to the top!

Climbing again!

So fun!

Made it to the top!

Heading the the boardwalk to check out the view of the sound.

"Come on Jack Jack!"

Almost to the water...

Getting ready to throw rocks...

There it goes!
Jackson had rocks in his hands the entire week.
The boy LOVES his rocks!

A big Osprey in it's nest.

Day 4: Beach in the morning, pool in the afternoon. The kids had a great time in the wading pool going in and out and walking all over the place. Mr. Mac was teaching them all how to blow bubbles!

Playing in the sand.

Looking out at the water.
Think he has changed a bit since last summer?

Getting boogie board lessons from Daddy.

Ready to hit the water!

Daddy dug a big hole and I got inside!
Who knew a big hole would be so fun?

Silly boy!

Climbing out!

Ali's turn! Jackson helped "fill in" the hole!

Still trying to fill that hole!

Ava's turn for a lesson

Heading back home for lunch and naps!
Jackson drug his rake and hoe the whole way home.

Day 5: Beach again! (sense a pattern!) and pool in the afternoon. HOT HOT HOT Day!! The pool was packed. We didn't last as long as the day before. Too crowded and too hot!

Day 6: Last morning at the Beach (sniff, sniff.) Afternoon thunderstorms kept us inside.

Our crazy "beach caravan". Imagine six mornings of this!

The one casualty of the week. A bird met it's match with one of
the house windows. Poor birdie!

What a great week. Until next year! Thanks OBX for a wonderful vacation!!


AuntieKat said...

Wow, what a great bunch of pictures, and they made me so jealous of your wonderful vacation! I am glad you had great weather, because every time they showed that area, it looked like it was RAIN RAIN RAIN (like what we have had here for the last 3 wks!), so happy it was not!
**Also, you are right, Jackson sure has changed from last year's trip to the beach! What a difference a year makes! Can't wait to see you! Jackson's new "cousins" Boots and Elmo can't wait to meet him either! Beware, they are very fresh!