Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dog Days of Summer...already?

One member of our family has already given in to the dog days of Summer. I don't blame him. After all it was 92 here yesterday and going to be just as hot today. Already? Seems like we totally skipped Spring and went straight to the hot and humid summer days. This is the time of year that I really miss living in Alaska. A heat wave there was when it was 70! Ahhh, that would be fabulous right now. Jackson and I braved the heat this morning and went for a jog outside. The heat and movement put him right out. So he got a nice little power nap. I, on the other hand, did not....I did get a good run in though. Nothing like a good run to get the day going!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer!

Ahh, Doggie makes a nice bed.

Don't tell anyone I was this close to a dog!

Jackson imitating Milo laying on Doggie

Two peas in a pod!

Milo had enough "relaxing"
or was he "encouraged" to move?

Post eviction. Not too happy...

Later that night, Tiger looked cozy

Doing his walrus imitation!


AuntieKat said...

such cute pictures (as usual). Jackson is growing like a weed. Sure can't wait to see you next month. Hope you are enjoying your vacation at the beach!