Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Hooked!

I have just wasted spent way too much time playing around with this blog!! I recently discovered Picnik and LOVE it! It is so much fun to play around with. And best of all it is FREE! You can upgrade to the premium package for some amount of money per month. But really the free stuff is plenty for me for now (more options equals more time wasted!). And I just found this great blog, It has tons of free fonts and other great information about personalizing your blog. They give great step by step instructions on how to spruce up your blog. It is pretty fun. Check it out. And I apologize in advance if you also waste spend too much time on your blog!!

And just for fun, because no post would be complete without pictures of the little guy. Here are some from our recent trip to Ocean Breeze water park in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died about 5 minutes after we got there. So I only got a few shots. There were tons of other cameras snapping shots though, so hopefully some of those turned out good too.

Hold on tight!

Getting brave!

Enjoying the ride!

Weeee!! Down the slide with Daddy!