Sunday, August 16, 2009

Handle with Care????

Ever wonder what the friendly postal workers do with your precious fragile packages? I always think twice when I am at the postal counter and I am asked that ever important question, "Anything fragile, liquid, or perishable in your package?" I am always scared to say "Yes" and have them stamp that big red FRAGILE logo all over it. And now I know why. I think they see that FRAGILE or Handle with Care sign and use a special kind of "care". Now I know not all postal workers are like this, and I am sorry if I offend my many postal worker readers. And maybe it isn't really the workers, but machinery that they use. Things can get stuck, I know. But really. Why is it always the FRAGILE and Handle With Care packages that get the special treatment? Here is some recent proof!

Even funnier that the "Oops! We are sorry!" bag they put your mangled letter in has "We Care" written on it in big black letters!


AuntieKat said...

OMG - that is terrible! Funny, but terrible. Good thing it wasn't TRULY fragile. GEEZ. "WE CARE..But really, not that much" Is what it SHOULD say.