Monday, August 17, 2009

Sammy the Lion!

There is a new cub in town! And he is loved by all...well, almost all. One person cat in particular is not too sure about Sammy. But Jackson is in love and that is the important thing. When we were at Dan, Ali, and Tanner's house in July, Jackson fell in love with Tanner's polar bear footstool. He loved to get on it and ride it and fall off. The other day we were at Sam's Club and found this adorable little guy!

Don't you just want to cuddle with him? He is incredibly soft and, best of all, STURDY!! Jackson has fallen in love with riding him, wrestling him, and playing golf with him. Sammy has not found a permanent home in our house yet, since we have to move him from room to room with us. Hopefully he will end up in Jackson's room for good one of these days. But until then, those two will be wrestling all day! Oh and that certain cat that is not too happy, you guessed it, Milo! He has been stalking Sammy ever since we brought him home. And I have heard some hissing here and there too. And I have seen him attack Sammy once today already. That cat!

Playing golf with Sammy!

Sammy slam!

Wrestling fun!

So proud!

Going, Going, Gone!

Some fun bath pictures!


AuntieKat said...

I LOVE how you censored his bum...
I have been laughing for days about that.

I have also been laughing about Milo's obvious jealousy over the lion. Poor Milo.
Glad everyone is enjoying the new "pet" though. :-)